Diet and Nutrition

In diet department, participants are served full yogic diet i.e. a diet which is wholly natural, easily digestible, and conducive and satvik, and which is good for health. Participants are served the diets according to their health problems and their needs, such as the Diabetic diet, under diabetic diet participants gets low carbohydrates diets, and plenty of fiber rich diet, salad, fruits and vegetables etc. whereas in weight reducing diet participants gets less protein rich diet and low caloric diet, such as lemon water juice, fruits, green leafy vegetables and salad etc. Sometimes participants undergo for juice and fruits fasting for weight reduction. For other participants less salt, boiled vegetables and fiber rich diet and also fruits are provided.

Disease specific diet

The disease and person specific diet with Sathvik quality food was given to all admitted participants. For example

1. Diabetic diet
2. Weight reduction diet
3. Renal diet
4. Cancer diet
5. Fasting