Acupuncture is believed to restore the balance of vital energy flowing through meridians in the body and when it comes to healing, the concept of mind-body-energy is not new according to holistic well-being.

Along with physiological, psychological, and social elements a huge part of healing is associated with our subconscious mind which operates below the level of conscious awareness on an everyday basis and is connected to individual personal energy that is connected to the universe and as human beings we are in a state of constant energy exchange and buildup either through sunlight, water or food respectively.

All this explains how crucial is energy in reforming human entities on various levels.
Acupuncture is one such complementary therapy that emphasizes this concept, some neurological theories that associate acupuncture modalities are:


Somato-visceral theory

The connection between the somatic (related to the body's structure, including muscles and joints) and visceral (related to internal organs) systems where stimulating specific acupuncture points on the body's surface influences the function of internal organs and systems. This connection is thought to be mediated through neural pathways and various physiological mechanisms.


Motor gate theory

Suggests that stimulation of specific points affects motor neurons, influencing muscle activity and promoting therapeutic benefits. Acupuncture may modulate the motor gate, impacting the communication between nerves and muscles for various physiological effects.


The Defense Mechanism and Tissue Regeneration Theory

proposes that acupuncture can stimulate the body's defense mechanisms and enhance tissue regeneration. Acupuncture may trigger the release of growth factors, promote blood circulation, and modulate immune responses, contributing to the healing and regeneration of tissues. All these theories along with thalamic neuron theory, bioelectric photography, gate control theory, and others provide scope for the extensive use of acupuncture modalities as an upcoming reform for healing sciences.