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In India, there is a vast diversity of Physiotherapy treatment centres, with commendable options which are further assisting millions of patients to improve their overall health. By choosing the right physiotherapy center in India, patients can embark on a journey of quality of life through examination, diagnosis, prognosis, and physical intervention. These Physiotherapy centres are equipped with advanced technology and equipment to provide effective treatment to the patients, making sure they get back to living normal life with confidence.

Physiotherapy is a Physical Medicine and rehabilitation specialty that, by using mechanical force and movement, remediates impairments and promotes mobility, function, and quality of life through examination, diagnosis, prognosis, and physical intervention. Arogyadhama Healthcare is one of the best Physiotherapy treatments in India which believes in educating the patient about the condition and ensuring that they get back to living their normal life with confidence.

Gait Training center in india

Gait Training

One sort of physical treatment is gait training. You might be able to rise and walk more easily. If you’ve experienced an illness or injury that makes it difficult for you to move about, your doctor could advise gait training. Even if you use an adapted device, it might still help you walk independently.

  • - Strengthen your muscles and joints
  • - Improve your balance and posture
  • - Build your endurance
  • - Develop your muscle memory
  • - Retrain your legs for repetitive motion
  • - Lower your risk of falls, while increasing your mobility
Ankle Pressor Physiotherapy

Ankle Pressor

The weight-bearing joint of the ankle is made up of a number of bones, tendons, and ligaments. Together, these parts support the weight of the body and permit movement. People with discomfort, injuries, or mobility issues can benefit from performing ankle strengthening exercises. Ankle pressor is one such modality that helps for the same.

  • - Prevent injuries
  • - Improve bone density
  • - Improve balance
  • - Freeing muscles for easier movements
cycling physiotherapy treatment


Cycling is one of the most effective orthopedic rehabilitation methods to recover joint Range of Movements with less weight load.

  • - Tones and strengthen muscles
  • - Improve cardiovascular system
  • - Increase energy levels
  • - Increases metabolism
  • - Pain reduction
Shoulder Wheel physiotherapy treatment

Shoulder Wheel

With its varied degrees of abduction, external and internal rotation, flexion and extension, this wheel has the benefit of providing motion in multiple planes. Thus, the Shoulder Exercise Wheel aids in promoting the shoulder’s natural ranges of mobility.

  • - Revolves smoothly for shoulder exercising
  • - Fitted with resistance mechanism at 360°
  • - Arc of motion adjustable from 10° to 39°
  • - Resistance controlled from 0 to maximum
  • - Gives immediate degree of revolution feedback
Ultrasound therapy in India


Ultrasound therapy is an electrotherapy that has been used in physical therapy practice for many years. It is mainly used for non-thermal effects where high-frequency sound waves induce vibration and movement in cell fluids.

  • - Increase blood flow to an area in order to accelerate the resolution time of the inflammatory process
  • - Stimulate the production of collagen (the main protein in tendons and ligaments) during tissue healing