Promotion of positive health (PPH)

This department deals with eye problems, skin diseases, stress management and promotion of positive health.

Lifestyle is defined as normal and conventional daily activities which are accepted by people during their lives and these activities can affect the health of individuals.

Health requires promoting a healthy lifestyle. The importance of lifestyle is to a large extent, its effect upon quality of life and prevention of diseases. It is essential to promote and correct lifestyle in order to maintain and promote health. Promoting health and providing public health are of the most important bases for the development of communities.

A healthy lifestyle has many benefits not only for the body but for the mind too. Eating healthy, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco are ways of preventing major lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancers as well as their risk factors such as raised blood pressure, raised blood sugar level and overweight.

Diseases treated

✓ Eye problems: Refractive errors, Glaucoma
✓ Skin Disorders