A yoga retreat center isn't just a place to practice it's a sanctuary for the soul. Within its serene surroundings, participants find solace and rejuvenation amidst the chaos of daily life. Expert instructors guide them through transformative yoga sessions, nurturing both body and spirit with each breath. Beyond the physical practice, it's a space where individuals connect with themselves and others, forging bonds of friendship and understanding. Renowned for its tranquil ambiance and holistic approach, this retreat center stands as a haven for those seeking inner peace and self-discovery.

Yoga therapy centers in India are not only a way to achieve a healthy lifestyle but also to find moments of tranquility. These centers can offer one to achieve transformative experiences whether its physical ailments or even cravings for deeper connection with a soul, mind and body. From Asans to restorative yoga, every individual can choose from these diverse practices according to their needs and suitability.

Yoga is combining practices intended to act at physical, emotional, intellectual and even at spiritual levels. The programs are held in both Yoga retreat centre and yoga therapy centers India, where these are derived from principles in ancient texts (Pataṁjali’s Yoga Sutras and Taittiriya Upanishad) which emphasize that Yoga should promote health at all levels.

Yoga Asana Therapy India


Yoga Asana Therapy India

Posture(asana) is that which is steady and pleasant

  • - Improves flexibility
  • - Increases Strength of muscles
  • - Improves circulation
  • - Improves posture
  • - Strengthens spinal cord
Pranayama Yoga Therapy India


Pranayama Yoga Therapy India

Controlling the motion of the exhalation and the inhalation once this (asana) is accomplished. This is pranayama..

  • - Increases lung capacity
  • - Strengthens respiratory muscles
  • - Improves autonomic functions
  • - Reduces oxidative stress
  • - Increases mental strength
Trataka Yoga Therapy India


Trataka Yoga Therapy India

Being calm, one should gaze steadily at a small mark, till eyes are filled with tears. This is called Trataka by âchâryas

  • - Improves concentration
  • - enhances memory and learning,
  • - promotes better sleep and general wellbeing.
Kriya Yoga Therapy India


Kriya Yoga Therapy India

Dhauti, basti, neti, lauliki, trataka & kapalabhati are known as the shatkarmas or the six cleansing practices.

The six fundamental cleansing techniques are the most important aspects of hatha yoga and are the original hatha yoga.

  • - Cleansing of Digestive Tract
  • - Cleansing of Large Intestine
  • - Cleansing of Nasal Passages
  • - Cleansing of Eyes
  • - Cleansing of Abdominal Organs
  • - Cleansing of Frontal Lobes
Dhyana Yoga Therapy India


Dhyana Yoga Therapy India

The unbroken flow of mental modifications is called Dhyana..

  • - Increases attention span
  • - Reduces stress
  • - Improves sleep quality
  • - Enhances self-awareness
  • - Promotes positive health